We have carefully selected charity organizations to partner with, who are closely aligned with our company's values to support those in need and the causes we are truly passionate about.

One of our core pillars at BioKissed is dedication and commitment to giving back to causes that are close to our hearts.
These causes include providing basic necessities to those in need, sustainable conservation and education in the hopes of creating a positive change for our planet.

BioKissed will give members an extra 1% bonus from their monthly earnings to their charity wallet so they can allocate these funds to their chosen charity organizations.

Plastic XChange

The global plastic crisis is mounting, and action must be taken to reduce this toxic trend - this starts with practical changes with our use and re-use of plastic, but more importantly education. The plastic problem is at its peak in Bali and Indonesia in general, which is why it's a cause close to the heart of BioKissed, and why we chose to work with Plastic XChange.

In their own words:

Plastic XChange is a sustainability movement that empowers communities to change their waste behavior through dignity-based exchange systems that result in cleaner, healthier environments. It empowers communities to prosper through "Edu-action" (education in action) and a barter system for a cleaner and healthier environment.

The community-driven movement continues to grow through education, action and commitment to the environment, economic prosperity and personal responsibility. The result turned into the largest cleanup in the history of Bali. This model could be replicated in other villages to create a greater impact.

$10 buys 10 kg of rice, feeds 40 people a day, cleans 40 kg of plastics.

Long term:

BioKissed and Plastic XChange, in partnership, are working towards an end-to-end solution to the plastic crisis. Not just shipping the collected plastic off into the unknown, but instead creating the end solution here in Bali.

Sedekah Air

Sedekah Air

Clean water is a basic human right, but unfortunately 785 million people lack access to consistently clean water. That's one in 10 people on the planet. Water is the life force of Mother Nature, and therefore is a passionate topic within BioKissed, where alongside our members, we want to make a tangible difference.

Partnering with Indonesia's Sedekah Air will allow us to begin to help those closest to us first. With 75 million Indonesians without clean water access, it's a vital project to be a part of, right now. Many of the islands have a dropping water table, meaning getting access to water is becoming harder.

Extensive technical research goes into the work at Sedekah Air, depending on the conditions of each area. As a result the organization runs multiple projects, including:

Well drilling
Water Pipes
Filtering or Mini Water Treatment Plant
Dropping water or providing drinking water
Water conservation, technology development and education
BioKissed will work with milestones, so each time a fund level is reached within the Charity Wallet, we will break ground with a new well - one of the most important and effective ways to help solve the problem. This sponsorship in partnership with Sedekah Air will ensure we reach far more people, far quicker, potentially saving lives.