BioKissed Wellness Business Gold Pack

Platinum pack includes:

  • 50 Urine tests
  • Free Biokissed Wellness App
  • Download the free Biokissed Wellness App

    Wellness Business Gold Pack

    Empower yourself with the Gold Wellness package tailored to your needs. Let's shape your start and fuel your ambition! Each wellness package you receive includes:

    Access to the Back Office

    Watch your commissions and bonuses increase in real time with full access to your e-wallet and downline members.

    Access to Educational Resources

    We created all the tools needed to invite members and sell products as easily as possible - get access to all the compensation plan PDFs, product brochures and more!

    Get Your Own Referral Link

    This link is used to invite your own members and receive extensive bonuses and commissions as you build your team.

    Get Up to 25% Discount

    Get the wholesale price (member price) that offers up to 25% off based on your current rank for all products and business packages on subsequent purchases.

    Download the free Biokissed Wellness App